Asivio One Best True Wireless Earbuds.
All New Asivio One Best True Wireless Earbuds.

Powerful Earbuds For Your Music

Premium earbuds for all occasion

The Most Advanced Wireless Earbuds For Music And Calls

High performance wireless earbuds, no matter the music genre. Loud, crystal clear audio and strong bass with no distortion. Enjoy clear voice chat when making or receiving phone calls + comfortable and secure fit.



Looking for great wireless earbuds perfectly suited for music and phone calls with powerful bass, loud crystal clear audio plus no distortion? Then Asivio® One Wireless Earbuds are ideal for you. 

Loud, crystal clear audio for phone calls makes these wireless earbuds great for work also.

Superior Performance And Design

Listening to music and making phone calls are the main reasons why people acquire earbuds. Wireless earbuds are the most popular and convenient devices to play your favorite track or make phone calls. 

Asivio Wireless Earbuds are developed with a high level of focus on deep bass and loud, crystal clear audio output. We achieved these results with state-of-the-art optimization combined with the highest quality components.



Designed to fit comfortably in ear for all day use. Doesn't matter the activity, they stay in your ears and will never fall out.

Introducing Asivio Buzz Wireless Earbuds

Break Free From Wires - Asivio Buzz

The all-new Asivio Buzz True Wireless Earbuds are powered by Asivio advanced audio technology to deliver the perfect world of music and phone calls. Experience real high definition deep bass and crystal clear sounds developed for truly exciting music and clear phone calls with no distortion.

Small And Compact

Enjoy your music or phone calls everwhere with Asivio Buzz comfortable and powerful earbuds. Great fit, great sound and clear phone calls.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Got these for a gift this Christmas. After pairing I had them in my ears for 2 1/2 hours straight and was blown away by sound and comfort. I had never used buds before and would recommend them to everyone!"

Steve P.

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Asivio One Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds For Music And Phone Calls.

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