Asivio Earbuds Deliver Crystal Clear Phone Calls

Top Quality Earbuds For Phone Calls And Music

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Crystal Clear And Loud Phone Calls

Introducing Asivio One 2nd Gen and Asivio Buzz Wireless Earbuds. We developed and optimized these earbuds to be crystal clear and loud when making phone calls.

Asivio earbuds feature microphone in each earbud which is fully optimized for making and receiving phone calls. We included the most advanced noise isolation technology to reduce the effect of outside noises.

Enjoyable Phone Calls

Making and receiving phone calls is an enjoyable experience with Asivio One 2nd Gen Wireless Earbuds.

Use Any One Earbud

Asivio earbuds are designed to work independently which means any one earbuds can be used while the other is left in the case.

Our high quality optimization result in the sound being crystal clear and loud even when using just one earbud.

The Perfect Wireless Earbuds For Phone Calls

Asivio One 2nd Gen and Asivio Buzz Wireless Earbuds are specially designed for great quality phone calls. Whether it's working from home or just conversation with friends, these earbuds will deliver a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

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