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Asivio One True Wireless Earbuds - Best Wireless Earbuds For Music And Phone Calls.

Asivio One True Wireless Earbuds - Best Wireless Earbuds For Music And Phone Calls.

If you are overwhelmed by all the different wireless earbuds, we surely understand. We would like to introduce two of the best wireless earbuds on the market today for music and phone calls. These true wireless Bluetooth earbuds cover the entire spectrum of features that will make your experience an enjoyable one.


Premium quality audio, Bluetooth 5.0, Water resistant, touch control, ergonomic fit, crystal clear phone calls, comfortable and secure fit, independent use earbuds are just some of the features of these wireless earbuds.


Asivio One 2nd Generation and Asivio Buzz wireless Bluetooth earbuds delivers strong bass yet super clear audio for a mind pleasing experience. Fully optimized for music and phone calls, these earbuds are satisfying to use.

But what makes the audio quality that special? There are different grades of components that can be used in the development of wireless earbuds. This is why you are able to go to the your favorite discount stores and find wireless earbuds for a wide range of low prices. Most of the time the audio output and durability of these earbuds are not the best due to the quality of the components. 

Asivio true wireless earbuds are developed using the highest quality material components. The drivers and other internal components are made of superior quality material. This allows us to develop more durable wireless earbuds along with better quality sound optimization.

Asivio latest offering of earbuds are smaller than previous models which ensures a more comfortable and secure fit. If you use earbuds for work such as Zoom or customer calls, these are perfect for you. They are so comfortable that you won't even remember you are wearing earbuds.

Powered by Asivio signature sound optimization, you can expect premium quality audio all the way around. Precise punching bass plus detailed mids and highs will leave you addicted to your favorite music source. There in no distortion in your music even when listening at a high volume level.

The noise isolation feature integrated is excellent for blocking out external noise, creating more clarity for music and calls. Also included are comfortable silicone eartips which are great for providing a seal between the earbuds and your ears.

The battery life is impressive at 7 hours along with another 24 hours in the charging case. You can use any one earbud while leaving the other in the case which will increase the battery life even further. 

One of the most common issue in the Bluetooth earbuds market is the lack of clarity when making phone calls. The Asivio engineering team focused heavily on optimization of the sound quality for phone calls. Two highly tuned microphone (one in each earbud) are integrated in the set. The result is high quality true wireless earbuds that is loud and crystal clear for music and phone calls along with no distortion.

These earphones integrates IPX4 water resistant technology which can withstand splashes of liquid from sweat or other moisture. They are not designed for you to take a shower with.

Touch control earbuds are very popular right now and Asivio earbuds delivers highly intelligent touch control that is easy to use. Just a tap or two and you will be going through your day enjoying your earbuds.

The charging case of Asivio One 2nd Generation Wireless Earbuds can also be used as a holder for your phone. Just place your smartphone horizontally on the open charging case to watch your favorite movie or music video. How cool is that?

Included with the earbuds are charging cable, 6 sets of comfortable silicone eartips and user manual.


You can hop on over to to place your order or just click on the link above.

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