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Best Wireless Earbuds For Running

Best Wireless Earbuds For Running

People mostly prefer to listen to their favorite music while strolling around the town, to run errands, during workouts such as running on the tracks. According to a survey conducted in 2016, almost 60 percent of runners loved to hear music while on track, and this number has tremendously increased to nearly 80% in the last fast years. They say that it helps them focus, improve concentration, and relieve stress.

Earlier, you must have seen those jumbo headsets on runners' heads sweating from the intense burnout heat and those wires being strangled in between runners’ legs. Wired earphones become a bothersome experience at some point in life. 

It might lead to a fall, leg or knee injury, or even a fracture. The electronic industry has fortunately procured the best and the safest ear gear for runners especially. Gone are the days when runners had to use wired headsets or earphones to ear out songs. Advanced technology has brought you upto the latest true wireless earbuds to give you a hassle-free running experience. 

Wireless earbuds are indeed the most significant gadget for runners. They have taken your workouts to the next level. All of ityoga, aerobic, weightlifting, and other exercises have become easier and enjoyable with the help of these perfect wireless earbuds. No more wire tangling now. They have truly increased comfort as they don’t have cables; hence they are more comfortable than their wired counterparts.

If you are looking for the best quality and affordable yet durable earbuds to ease up your running, then 

Must-Try One of These Wire-Free Earphones

  • Asivio Buzz True Wireless Earbuds

These wire-free earphones deliver smooth and distortion-free music and phone calls with advanced audio technology. They offer real HD deep bass and crystal clear sound effects that enable the best quality and clear phone calls. They comfortably fit in your ear canal. They are designed in a way that delivers a secure fit to ears of all shapes and sizes. They won’t fall out as other cheap brand earplugs do.

Must-Try One of These Wire-Free Earphones

Asivio also offers a nylon earphone zipper case for the safe storage of your earphones. You can store as many items as you want, such as wireless earplugs, USB charging cable, flash drive, cards, coins, keys, etc. This case offers a 270° wide opening along with water resistance & double protection against dings, scratches, impacts, liquid spills, and dirt.

  • Asivio 2nd Gen True Wireless Earbuds

If you want to enjoy more powerful bass and superior quality audio, go for these 2nd Gen earplugs. They offer you crisp, clear audio & music; and come in a 20% smaller size than the previous version with an updated ergonomic fit. Buy them today. They are truly just pair-and-go earbuds. Our 2nd Gen Wireless Earbuds offer 2 HD Microphones for runners to experience better noise cancellation & noise Isolation. These earbuds are completely water-resistant & have low latency.

  • Asivio OneX Pro Wireless Earbuds

These earplugs come under the premium quality grade with advanced audio technology. They are super loud and super powerful with booming bass. If you are running in a noisy area, these wire-free earphones will be the best fit for you. 

It has CVC 8.0 technology that makes your phone calls distortion-free and music even more enjoyable than ever before. Its high-quality optimized 6mm speakers deliver good fitting and good sound. 

Professional runners who love listening to music must buy our OneX Pro version. It offers an intelligent touch control feature to ease the music experience completely. It has advanced noise filtering technology, which offers HD clarity and makes the overall experience worth some. You can wishfully play a single earbud and put another one on charge till then. Thus it offers 35 hours of interrupted play. 

How to Use Wireless Earbuds for Running?

  • Asivio wire-free earplugs are designed to deliver a good spectrum of bass, mid-range, and treble.
  • You need the correct silicone ear tips for a comfortable & secure fit. 
  • Asivio offers 3 size ear tips with its packaging from which you can select the right size and put it on your earplugs.
  • Place earbuds in the ear, then twist until earbuds are secure in your ear canal.
  • It’s all set! You are now ready to enjoy your music or phone calls while on your run. 

Runners’ Checklist for Using Asivio Wireless Earbuds

Let’s have a look at parameters that demand consideration while purchasing wireless earbuds for running.

  • Fitting
  • Protection
  • Sound quality
  • Price

Asivio offers a comfortable & secure fit as its ear tips come in different sizes. Also, it is highly water and dust resistant with crystal clear sound quality. 

All these features are available at such an affordable price. We highly recommend you to buy our Asivio True Wireless Earbuds to get yourself rid of the bothersome experience from the wired earphones.

Asivio also offers exclusive gym wear such as warm hoodies for men and other related accessories. For more information, please get connected with our support.
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