Asivio Wireless Earbuds: Features & Specifications

Asivio Wireless Earbuds: Features & Specifications

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If you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds for the workout, jogging, or running, your search ends here. The True Wireless Earbuds by Asivio features an in-ear design that stays securely in place during exercise. These state-of-the-art technology earphones deliver an incredible audio experience and will keep up with your active lifestyle. They have truly made every note clearly hearable in your music. Moreover, its cutting-edge design makes them look unique and worth buying. Gone are the days when you had to adjust with wired earphones during your workout. With this truly wireless headset, you do not have to adjust anymore. They are designed in a way that will never fall out of your ears. 

Why Asivio Wireless Earbuds Only?

Super Quality Audio Engineering

Regular earbuds always deliver background noise of some kind, such as wind from the backend or breathing noises. Asivio True Wireless ear sets deliver enhanced sound isolation technology. It enables you to hear crystal clear music without any distortion. These wireless earphones are designed with high-quality audio drivers that make the audio experience more powerful and enjoyable. They come with a volume-optimized technology that boosts the high and low in your music. You can make sound adjustments as per your preferences. 


Asivio earsets are highly water-resistant. You can use them in wet weather conditions or during workouts when sweating is certain. They are truly sweat-safe earbuds. You can do any sport of your taste with them, like swimming, running or biking. In addition to this, they will work completely fine even get washed away with your clothes. You can even buy it online and need not visit any other extreme electronics online store

Loud and Crystal Clear Music & Phone Calls

It seems like a lot of time was spent on making these most amazing ear sets. The crystal clear audio will make your heart sing because they are excellent and are well-designed.  These earphones can effectively block noise in loud environments such as construction sites, airplanes, concert halls, call centers, and stadiums. They can be pretty useful if your work falls under a loud working environment. 

Deep Bass and No Distortion

They support the latest sound processor to extend the lower frequency notes and enhance the overall bass response. Our truly wireless ear sets have excellent bass and mid-bass response. It has an overall sound stage that you will find impressive. With these ear gadgets, music will never be the same. You will experience real high-definition deep bass and crystal clear sound. It is developed to deliver truly exciting music and distortion-free phone calls. 

Battery Life and Durability

The maximum battery life is upto 6 hours. It is best suitable for any type of workout and even a long marathon. You can even use a single bud at a time and put another in your fully charged case to charge it. Changing earphones on the go and putting the other pair to charge has become a good trend among the youth. Doing this way, you can have above 10 hours of playback time. Moreover, Bluetooth connection with any smartphone device, such as iOS and Android, is easy when pairing superior Asivio ear set without having an issue up to a 9m distance from the device.

Comfortable fit 

We deliver at least 6 sets of silicone ear tips along with this headset so that it can fit comfortably to ears of different sizes and shapes. They are small compact and even light in weight. In addition to this, they come with a charging case to make them easier to carry along and store. They offer 5 hours of battery life per charge with up to 15 hours without interruption or audio degradation when on standby mode. They are indeed the best wireless earbuds for small ears.

What’s in the Asivio True Wireless Earbuds Box?

  • Asivio Buzz Wireless Earbuds.
  • Compact charging case.
  • User manual.
  • Charging cable.
  • Six sets of silicone ear tips.

It Also Offers User-Friendly Touch Control. You Can:

  • Play and pause music with a double tap
  • Switch to the previous and next track with a 2-second long tap
  • Activate and deactivate Siri with a triple tap
  • Answer/hang-up calls with a double tap
  • Decrease and increase volume with a single tap
  • Reject call with 2-second long tap

Asivio earbuds are genuinely a complete package. They are an ideal partner for letting you relish an active lifestyle. We designed these earbuds with comfort and performance in mind so you can be assured of a top-quality experience. So, hurry up and buy superior quality earbuds from Asivio at the best price. Visit our product section to know our wide range of ear gadgets. For more information, connect with our support team or mail us at

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Our most advanced wireless earbuds yet! Experience thunderous bass and super loud, crystal clear mids and highs that will keep you in your mood for all occasions. Fully optimized premium audio technology is what you can expect from Asivio One True Wireless Earbuds.

These are the perfect premium true wireless earbuds for music lovers on the go. Enjoy deep bass and loud, crystal clear audio for your music and phone calls. 


Experience the Ultimate Sound Freedom with Asivio One Premium True Wireless Earbuds!

  • Powerful, advanced drivers for premium audio, any genre.
  • Small, compact, and lightweight earbuds for a more comfortable fit.
  • IPX4 waterproof.
  • 10m/33ft coverage area.
  • Up to 7 hours of continuous play plus 28 hours extra in the charging case.
  • 2 HD microphone for crisp and clear phone calls with no distortion.


  • Enjoy uninterrupted phone calls with crystal clear audio and noise isolation technology.
  • Secure and comfortable fit ensures your earbuds stay in place, even during the most intense workouts.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design that fits snugly in your ears.
  • Soft, silicone eartips (S-M-L) provide a secure fit that won't slip or fall out your ears.


  • Immerse yourself in the richness of thumping bass and vibrant highs.
  • Discover an unparalleled audio experience with Asivio advanced audio technology.
  • Stand out with an exceptional high-definition sound quality delivering every note with precision.
  • Upgraded 6mm drivers in both earbuds, fully optimized for powerful and crisp, clear audio.

Deep bass and crystal clear audio

Comfortable and secure fit

advanced audio technology