Where Are Asivio Earbuds Shipped From?

Where Are Asivio Earbuds Shipped From?

This might be one of the most asked questions about our company so we will answer it here.

We are a U.S company and all our products are shipped from our offices in the U.S. With a high focus on speed, you can be assured that your new Asivio earbuds will be shipped out in as little time as possible. We ship U.S and International orders via the respective USPS First Class Mail Service. (U.S - 2 to 5 business days delivery) (International - 7 to 21 business days delivery). We normally ship on the same day your order is placed or the next business day.

The entire product line is in-stock and ready to be shipped once offered for sale on our website at asivio.com. We want your experience to be a great and memorable one so we commit to delivering a high level of customer service from the beginning of the transaction until you receive your order. 

Another one of our focus is delivering premium quality products. Here at Asivio, the audio performance is very important to us. The signature sound is developed exclusively for Asivio products by our audio engineering team. We are always researching ways to make our product better as new technology comes along.

We thank you for visiting our store and look forward to a long term business relationship with you.  



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