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Best Guide To Choose The Right Pair Of Wireless Earbuds

Best Guide To Choose The Right Pair Of Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are gradually becoming the go-to gadget for people these days. But with so many wireless earbuds brands emerging in the market, people get utterly confused about making a choice. Manufacturers are vying to launch the best product in the market that everyone would love to buy. 

Not only has it resulted in huge competition among extreme electronics online store, but also it has mandated customers to check out product features before making a buy thoroughly. However, not all wireless earbuds are created equal. They come up with slightly different specifications and features. These differences are a result of people’s personal preferences. In this blog, we will help you choose which pair of wireless earbuds you should buy based on your personal preferences.

Price & Quality

The first thing to remember while buying wireless earbuds is their price. Remember, no good earbud will come at a low price. The manufacturing of good wireless earbuds requires embedded technology as it has to be connected or paired to your device via radio or infrared signal. For example, a high-quality Bluetooth chip from Qualcomm. Also, they need to have decent high-density batteries to operate them for longer hours. 

We truly believe that low-cost earbuds must not be up to the mark in terms of quality as well as longevity. So, do pay your due diligence before buying wireless earbuds. If you have to go a little above your budget to own a good quality product, please go. Because you won’t want to spend money on your earbuds over and over.

An electronic gadget constructed of high-quality elements never comes at cheap prices. Spare yourself a minute to think before buying from marketers that run run-heavy discounts on their items.

There Could Be So Many Drawbacks of Buying Cheap Earbuds Such As:

  • The marketer might be selling you a low-quality product.
  • It might even get damaged early.
  • They might also impact your hearing sense.
  • It can even damage your smartphone.
  • Cheap earbuds often don’t last long.
  • Frequent battery runouts.

And so on. 

Battery Life & Charging case

Generally, earbuds offer a playtime of 4-5 hours. But if you buy premium quality products such as Asivio Wireless Earbuds, there is no need to pop your bud out and put it back into the charging earphone case. Asivio offers an 8 hours straight battery backup. Beware of the other manufacturers as they might mention collaborative playtime of 10-12 hours. They mention the playtime of both earbuds and charging case. So, before you buy one, make sure the playtime mentioned is not combined playtime.  

extreme electronics online store

Commands & Controls

A good wireless earbud efficiently lets you increase or decrease volume, issue voice commands, skip a track, etc. Some earbuds even pause the music once you pull them out from your ears. It is strongly recommended to check out all the enlisted commands being offered while buying a wireless earbud. 

One of the truly wireless earbuds with the best controls is Prime audio AirPods from Asivio. They are engineered to give superior quality sounds along with a comfortable fit.

Premier Bluetooth wireless earbuds come with a control button that helps you run multiple commands, such as 

  • Answering/Hanging Calls
  • Call Rejection
  • Play/Pause Music
  • Increase/Decrease Volume
  • Previous/Next Track
  • Activate Siri

Specifications & Features

Before you make a buy, please care to look at codecs supported by wireless earbuds of your choice. AAC is one of the most commonly supported Bluetooth codecs in the wireless headphone and speaker industry. But, now we have the latest codecs running in the market such as AptX, AptX HD, and so on. Check out if your preferred earbuds support AAC-Advanced Audio Coding, SBC-Subband Coding, AptX, AptX HD, etc. to improve your listening experience. 

All in All, Please Prefer to Buy Earbuds That Are/have 

  • Built with the latest technology
  • Support high-resolution music. 
  • Loud and crystal clear audio
  • Compatible for both music and talk
  • Strong bass with no distortion
  • Waterproof
  • Intelligent touch control
  • Powerful audio
  • Compatible with iOS or Android assistants

Wireless Earbuds Guide Checklist

Must read the following tips when choosing your best pair of wireless earbuds.

  • Know about your personal preference, like you want to buy it for music or audio or both purposes.
  • Shortlist your choices and compare them thoroughly with respect to price, quality, features, and reviews.
  • Check about the warranty period as new phones usually come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • Ensure to buy from their website or an authorized dealer only. 
  • Learn deeply about the brand, such as their reputation in the market, return policy(if any), service policy, etc. Always go after a trusted brand such as Asivio that only offers premium quality products. Click here.
  • Asivio offers guaranteed to support even long after the sale. They truly hear their customers out.

If you need more information regarding the Asivio Wireless Earbuds, feel free to get connected with us anytime. 

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